Los Angeles Probate Attorneys

Your loved one has passed away. Maybe you have been named executor of the estate. Perhaps you are simply in the will—or not. There are a number of things that your loved one left behind—money, investments, jewelry, fine art, as well as bills and taxes owed. There may be minor children or possibly pets. How do you know which bills to pay or how to gain control of assets to pay expenses? How do you deal with creditors, or creditor harassment?

A qualified probate attorney can simplify this complicated situation. At The Burbank Firm, L.C., we can guide you through the probate process in the simplest, most cost-effective way possible. Call The Burbank Firm, L.C. for an initial consultation.

Probate Administration
Whether a will exists or not, probate administration may be required. Once a person passes away, you may have problems transferring assets. If the deceased was the only one authorized to transfer property, such as a bank account or real estate, there may not be any way of transferring it without probate. The probate court will issue orders allowing the assets to be transferred, and will oversee that the estate is properly used for the payment of creditors and the distribution to the heirs. Probate also has benefits in cutting off claims of creditors unless they are made within a set period of time after notice is given.

Our office is well versed in representing clients in probate court. The process may seem overwhelming, but we guide our clients through the process step by step and assist them in collecting assets, asset protection, evaluating claims by creditors, considering tax issues, resolving disputes between beneficiaries, selecting appraisers, preparing estate tax returns, handling litigation, and receiving final approval from the court of your administration of the estate.

At The Burbank Firm, L.C., we have the experience and the knowledge to bring your probate administration to a successful close and minimize delays. We want you to feel comfortable to call us when you have a question. Our job is to help you understand your options in a complex legal process.

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